Any questions? Hopefully we can answer them here.

What if a course doesn't help me?

If it doesn't help you, the purchase price will be refunded. That's right, we'll give you your money back! We're sure even a seasoned pro could pick up a thing or two from our collection of video courses.

Which course is right for me?

This depends on what you’re trying to learn. If you want to improve your general playing ability then there are courses on chords, rhythm playing and creating your soloing licks. If you want something more theoretical then why not try the Essential Guitar Theory course?

Will your videos play on mobiles and computers?

Yes it can very much be used on all devices. I would say to utilise the site fully it might be useful having a laptop or computer to use. The bigger screen will help you see the fingers better and toggle between pdf and video easily.

If I purchase a course is there a time limit before it expires?

No once you buy a course you can use the course for the lifetime the site exists which the aim is to be for a very long time. You can also download the course should you want to store it on a hard drive.

I’m a beginner, are there any courses for me?

Yes indeed there are. Courses like the really simple rhythm system, Really simple fretboard system, improving and developing barre chords...All these courses and lessons are great tools for the beginner guitarist.

I play the acoustic guitar, are there lessons for me?

The lessons and courses taught on the site are very much catered towards the acoustic and electric player. Maybe you might want to avoid some of the soloing courses and lessons but in general most things on the site will be great for you.

Can I have a private lesson with you?

Yes you can. I teach via Zoom and provide 30 min, 45 min and 1 hour lessons. If you’d like to have a lesson with me then just drop me an email and we can arrange something.

Is there a monthly subscription option?

At this moment no. Maybe in the future I will open up a subscription option but right now you can only purchase individual lessons or courses.

Can I make a suggestion for a course or lesson?

Absolutely. This site is for you. It’s a resource site for guitarists of all levels. If there is something missing on the site you’d like me to teach then do send me an email with a request. If I get enough requests for that particular subject I will of course record a lesson or course on it.

How can I find out about fresh content and news?

Yes you can find updates about the site on our Facebook and new promo videos and behind the scenes stuff on our Instagram.

How much are your courses and lessons?

There's plenty of free jam tracks and some content over on our free material page, when ready to take it to the next level, lessons start at £4.99, for those wanting a quick fix. Our premium courses, priced at £19.99, often include several hours worth of content.