On Guitar With Shel there are a range of online courses and lessons at your fingertips available 24 hours a day. But for those of you who are looking for one to one lessons with Sheldon this option is also available. With over 15 years experience teaching both privately and in schools Sheldon has a wealth of teaching experience to share with you. Here are some of the sorts of things you might want to learn in your one to one guitar lesson with Shel:

  • Your favourite songs
  • Music theory
  • A genre focused lesson - like learning the blues, jazz or pop
  • Technique focus - maybe you want to learn how to finger tap or improve your soloing
  • Prepare for your upcoming guitar grade
  • Prepare for a public performance
  • Get some help writing your song

Whatever reason you have for a one to one guitar lesson with Sheldon, he’s available to teach you regularly or as a one off. Lessons take place on Zoom and with each lesson you’ll get a shared google doc documenting all the notes for the lesson and a video recording of the lesson so you can rewatch parts again, if need be.

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Request a pre-recorded lesson by Sheldon

If you want to learn a particular song, style, subject or technique and you don’t have time to book in a regular lesson, take advantage of the Guitar With Shel pre-recorded offer. You can request a personalized lesson from Sheldon teaching you whatever you’d like to learn on the guitar. Once the lesson has been recorded a link will be made available for you to use whenever you like.

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  • Have a decent camera on your chosen device - preferably a tablet or laptop
  • Have a good built in mic or an external mic so you can be heard properly
  • Have a second device like your phone available for playing Spotify songs, using a metronome or checking out the google doc notes in real time
  • Test prior to the lesson the best angle to place your device so the full length of the guitar can be seen
  • Test your internet speed is adequate to handle Zoom video streaming

Whatever you’re looking to learn Sheldon has you covered with his tailored guitar lessons. Get in touch to book in a lesson today.